What a year!

As I was just about to create a new blog (more about that later), I decided to view all of our past posts.  And though we didn’t blog often, it was wonderful to take a peak into each of our lives and where we were at that moment.  Because neither of us have blogged for almost a year, I thought it about time to jumpstart this baby.

What a year!  My, oh my, oh my.  The latter part of the year is what’s amazing.  And since this is a blog openly discussing money and finances, I would like to chronicle what’s been happening.

Upon my return from Kenya, our German exchange student arrived right around the same time as my flight at LAX.  Knowing that we would be hosting her for the entire school year, I decided it best to not take on a second job teaching at the university.  She’s been delightful by the way and my daughter is having a good ‘ole time.  Meanwhile, at my office, sales have plundered and I have had to make conservative decisions to cut staff’s hours and to go without pay.  It’s been mighty rough and I’ve been ill over it.  No, my faith has not waned and I truly believe that this too shall past. I believe this to be true because a few months ago I was given a vision.  While standing in line to pay for groceries at Whole Foods, I picked up the latest edition of FastCompany.  I hadn’t even opened the magazine when I had imagined that the editor of FastCompany was interviewing me, asking me how I kept a company of 32 years running successfully.  And out of my mouth formed these words – I restructured and reorganized the company by letting my entire staff go.  Whoa!  First, did I just say that?  And second, did I just say that out loud?

Truly I believe that the burden of the company must have been heavy on my spirit.  However, I took that bold statement as confirmation to do just that – reorganize, restructure and let go.  How freeing that left me.  It wasn’t scary at all.  And just to let you know, this process has already began.  Many tears were shed as the first person was asked to seek other employment.  With six positions to fill in one month, I’m left with the thought of knowing ultimately that when I am interviewed by the editor of FastCompany on running a successful, multi-millionaire dollar company, I will be able to utter the words – I restructured and reorganized by letting my entire staff go.  And I am all the wiser and healthier for it.

Goals for money for my company: hire passionate staff members who embrace our vision; to purchase a new building to house our growing company, to take care of our current staff members with raises, to eventually invest in another division of our company to be accomplished in Q1 2016.

Thanks for readng.

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