Is it a crocodile?

For some reason, my daughter used to ask me this, whenever I told her that I had a surprise for her. Of all the things to ask? Is it a crocodile? Along the same lines, yesterday I asked my husband to fix something for me, and he asked, “is it a puzzle?” I think he was intrigued, excited even.

I want to see the puzzles and the questions as exciting, not as a problem.  I want to remember that there is something new waiting for me. In 2015 and all the years to come.

Another question that my daughter used to ask: Remember Halloween? I guess the first Halloween that she remembers was really special to her.

What special times do you find yourself thinking of and wanting to remember, wanting to capture forever in your memory?

There will always be the daily tasks, the things we need to get through.  That’s when these special memories will carry us, along with new possibilities and questions, even puzzles!


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