It was nice

Since September 2014, I’ve co-led a bible study (called CONNECT, previous name NEXUS) with my pastor and another member of our church on Friday mornings beginning at 8 am. Well, the Friday before Christmas, no one showed up except my pastor and I. ‘It was nice’, he stated ‘to be able to talk to you like this’. Interesting, many folks at my church are intrigued by me. I say little and listen well and when I do speak, it’s like the old E.F. Hutton commercial – ‘when E.F. Hutton talks, people listen’. Somehow, within that hour and a half, we discussed money; being a good steward of it, saving it (he admitted that he and his wife are not savers but great givers), spending it, the holidays and on and on. I stated it would be a great idea to have discussions about money more often. He was in agreement, stating that now-a-days, the topic of conversation is now on topics of sex given what’s in the media.

Funny, after I thought about it, I retracted the idea. People don’t want to discuss how to be a good steward. We live in the ‘me’ generation and the ‘have it your way’ century. People would feel as if you’re passing judgement; they worked hard for the money and can spend it as they please. No one wants to be accountable, particularly for their vices, whatever it is. And though I think it truly is a good idea to discuss money – authentically and sincerely – I’m afraid our audience will be made up of those who are already practicing good stewardship and not the ones who might be able to benefit.

And then again, that might be an excellent idea. An opportunity to share and learn and encourage one another.


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