Hard to let go

I’m writing because it’s time.  It’s been since August since either of us have considered our blog. So, I’ll be the first to break the silence.

Feeling pretty good about staying on track to pay down our debt, however, now with the additional job(s), I have NO time to stay on top of our finances.  I’m making more to pay down debt; working more which leaves no time for anything, including checking in on our finances.  Is there a better way?  Yes.  Do I know what that is at this time? No.  I know it involves how I utilize my time.  I have to admit that I’m having a difficult time letting go – letting go of all the responsibilities.  I think the key will be to raise someone up to transition them to take over.  It doesn’t feel good to no longer run the support group in Los Angeles, therefore, I’ll need to raise someone up to take over.  It doesn’t feel good to no longer run Cayenne Wellness Center, therefore, I’ll need to locate someone with leadership abilities and passion to manage the business.  It just doesn’t feel good to let these things go and yet at some point for health and the greater good of the group and company, it will need to be done.

What does this have to do with money? No matter what opportunities come my way or made available to me, I must always keep in mind my other obligations (the support group, Cayenne Wellness Center, etc).  This will have an impact on my availability, my energy level, everything.

I shall remain focused on the solutions and not problem; not the challenge.


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