A Rainy Day

We got a  break from triple digits weather with a little rain today and it felt great.  I used to get really irritated when people would  talk about saving for a rainy day.  They say a leopard can’t change its spots, but although I feel better after having spent as opposed to saving, I am starting to see the value in planning and saving for that upcoming expense, trip or holiday.  First it started with budgeting and planning for regular bills and putting those funds aside, rather than spending and then freaking out when I had overspent bill money.

Next came looking to the year ahead, car tags, timeshare dues, Christmas and birthdays.  Then vacation.  I got tired of only being able to do short weekend trips.  I wanted to plan for something longer or bigger!

Now we are getting excited about doing some landscaping on the side yard.  We started by finding pictures of what we wanted, and then pricing out those items so we could mentally and financially prepare.

Now I am dreaming about the next big thing-another house!

It’s funny how when we start putting our dreams out there to God that things get moving!

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