Distance matters

Around the globe, you will it hear referred to in Kenya Shillings, Euros, Rupees, Dinero, Rand, Dollars, etc.  Though it means the same thing (money), it has different implicit meaning and utility.  Cultural (?) I think so. Let’s take a look at Kenya, East Africa.  In order to take care of orphans, you need money.  Machao Orphanage Foundation has raised several thousand dollars since 2005 supporting the children with housing, water, solar electricity, and sustainable agriculture.  And though thankful, there are many meanings that transpire hidden from the giver.  For instance, in the U.S., when a worker gets a bonus, though thankful, it’s expected (hidden meaning = expectation).  In Kenya, we gave the workers, who work hard on behalf of the children, a bonus of $23 US Dollars.  And though they too were thankful (hidden meaning = giver is wealthy and their employer is withholding).

I verified that yes,, they are paid every month on time the same rate.  They were content with no complaints. Giver acknowledged the great work that had been accomplished in a year’s time and wanted to give a small token of appreciation and to keep encouraging them to work hard.  Unfortunately, there were negative reactions and therefore the employer asked that we not give bonuses in the future.


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