What’s In A Name?

Happy Birthday to me.  Eek. The day has come to finally make my birthday purchase.  Been saving and saving … I have the money and now it must depart from my account.  And here lies the struggle.  I’ve ALWAYS been a saver.  Not wanting to ever be in debt, I would work several jobs – one to pay for living expenses, one for travel and vacation and perhaps a third for special projects. I would save for years (i.e., over thirteen years in order to go on an African safari) just to make sure I had enough money to do it right!  But it all boils down to one thing – the actual departing of funds; the exchange of hard work, labour, doing without or whatever it took to save (which by the way is the ultimate experience).  I like saving and using will power and determination; these are characteristics that describe me and puts a smile on my determined face.  Spending, spending, spending – though I have ‘it’ to spend – makes me feel a bit uneasy.  

I’m glad we will continue to look at this concept of bones, dinero, bucks, bread, MONEY.  I realize that once I have identified what I want or desire, somehow miraculously I do believe that I will have it without having to pay for it; meaning, it would be far better for my imaginary friend to supply my desires without the departing of my own funds.  

We must make ‘it’ and spend ‘it’ to live.  For some of us, the joy is in the ability to make ‘it’ and save ‘it’; for others, whether they have ‘it’ or not, the joy is in spending ‘it’.  Either way, we all acknowledge that ‘it’ is necessary.  ‘It’ is a reality construct for everyone.  No matter what you call ‘it’, ‘it’ is referenced daily in homes,  businesses, to children when we tell them do you think ‘it’ grows on trees?   

So, what’s in a name? What do you call ‘it’?  In my world, I refer to ‘it’ as money and funds.  

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