You think?

So happy you were able to ‘control’ yourself.  How often do many of us have ‘close calls”?  So, let’s talk about the origin.  I know for you, sometimes it was because you just wanted to be able to do it (make a purchase) and not feel constricted. Perhaps it’s eye candy – so many things that are thrown at us that we’re CONSTANTLY having to decide yes or no.  For many who operate unconsciously, the decision is oft times yes, and they press the submit button.  I truly desire for more people to live consciously, with the mindset that they have more than enough and to be able to shop in their own closet.  I desire for people to not use the mall as an outing by which they are surrounded by eye candy.  It would be so nice for people to utilize their arboretum, go bicycling together as a family, stroll along the beach or riverfront, have a game night or just make plans to hang out with family or neighbors.  

Last Sunday, June 1 2014, we had the pleasure of attending a celebration of seniors graduating from school at a parent’s home.  It was most delightful. What we liked best was the opportunity to just hang out, to talk, interact, relax and before we knew it, hours had passed. I believe many of us were hungry for this experience as many of us continued to linger longer.  Perhaps it’s because we’re constantly going, reacting and not thinking? Similar to emotional eating, I believe there is emotional spending. We spend because we had a hard week and the reward for working over 40 hours and the stress of driving back and forth to work, is to make a purchase.  Wouldn’t it be great if we were able to provide a ‘cure’ for those who emotionally spend? You think?

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