That was a close one!

Today there was a fabulous sale on one of my favorite sites-we will call it “Ceramic Shed”, lol.  They have these wonderful, heavy faux fur throws that everyone in the family loves.  Daughter has been hinting that she wants one, with her lip poked out because husband and I each have one.  Sigh.  An awesome price, and I was about to click “place your order”, and then I stopped.  My commitment to the family at our meeting was that we would not just buy things, but that we would plan for them. Besides, we have more than enough blankets.  In fact, yesterday I packed up two big ones in bins.  Friend, it would not have been wrong to get it, and the money is there, but we are on a roll and I want to keep going.  We are saving for a big trip, saving for birthdays and holidays and I want to get past living in the moment, to planning for the future. This is all very new for me.  Let me make this clear.  I have almost always made wise choices.  I don’t spend on things that do not make sense.  I want to know, however, what it is like to come up on special events and to something put away, and not be scrambling, and therefore tempted to use a credit card. Whew.

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