Stop. Breathe. Have Faith.

Hi Friend. So happy we have finally begun our blog. Our conversations over the past ten years have been ever so rich on faith, finances and love.  We’ve both desired to be free of debt and clutter; with me wanting and achieving minimalism and you desiring more buying power for vacation and quick get-a-ways.  Ultimately, I want to pay off both my home mortgage and commercial business property; namely because when one is self-employed, there is no pension to fall back on.  Therefore, by reducing our debt on the front end (while we are still working) our dollars will go further because we wont’t have any debts such as mortgages or credit card.  I like that.  

The death of a family friend has caused me to reflect even more on that which is important.  Remember when I telephoned you this week stating that I was experiencing feelings of being overwhelmed? Stop. Breathe. Have Faith is what came to mind.  Stop, and realize that God is in complete control.  While we continue to ‘prioritize our lives’ and attending to what we think needs our attention, nurturing the spirit and engaging with people – our friends and loved ones – is what should have our attention.  Breathe deeply and exhale allowing the oxygen to flow throughout our body, lungs, and brain; to bring about homeostasis, calmness and peace.  And finally Have Faith and know that if we “Live This Day For God”, our desire will be to be good stewards of our finances and to reflect a person of integrity and wisdom.

In response, I say “yes” let’s move forward and be open to the possibilities of where this will take us.


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